2015 omnet simulation projects

1  ARQ scheme of multimedia streaming for hybrid delivery over heterogeneous network[OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECTS]
2  Semantic interoperability in the OR.NET project on networking of medical devices and information systems A requirements analysis[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
3  Micro base station aided vehicular ad hoc networking[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
4  A Tutorial on the Flexible Optical Networking Paradigm State of the Art, Trends, and Research Challenges[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
5  Efficient social graph augmentation schemes for a peer to peer social networking service[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
6  Network virtualization based seamless networking scheme for fiber-wireless FiWi networks[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
7  Data pushing using IPT in content-centric networking[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
8  Understanding Requirements Driven Architecture Evolution in Social Networking SaaS: An Industrial Case Study[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
9  A source mobility management scheme in content-centric networkin[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
10  Configuring IP over Networks[OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECTS]