Omnet Project Topics

1  IEEE Draft Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies Amendment Support of New MAC/PHYs and enhancements[ OMNET SIMULATIONS]
2  A hierarchical mobility management scheme for content-centric networking
3  Cloud Technologies for Flexible Radio Access Networks[ OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECTS]
4  End-to-End Communication Delay Analysis in Industrial Wireless Networks[OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECT]
5  On the Capacity of the Finite Field Counterparts of Wireless Interference Networks[OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECT]
6  Bayesian Networks For Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Software Engineering[OMNET++ SIMULATION PROJECT]
7  Malware Propagation in Large-Scale Networks[omnet simulation ]
8  The lexnet project[omnet simulation]
9  Energy-Efficient RSSI-Based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks[omnetsimulaton]
10  Wireless Energy Harvesting in Two-Way Network Coded Cooperative Communications: A Stochastic Approach for Large Scale Networks[omnetsimulation]