omnet simulation in Oregon

Omnet simulation in Oregon:

Omnet simulation in Oregon Introduced by Friedman in this technique allows to interpolate among omnet simulation in Oregon LDA, quadra tic discriminant analysis, and geometric classification. For RDA classification, the function that can be used in the software

R is called rda, and this procedure also optimizes interpolation coefficients. It should be noted, however, that for our particular data, the RDA method seems to be quite inefficient. omnet simulation in Oregon Indeed, the optimal coefficients found by the algorithm induce a classification method very close to LDA. And for those optimal coefficients,

the LOO procedure yields a specificity of but a sensitivity equal to only. These bad results should not be too omnet simulation in Oregon alarmi ng though. They simply indicate that the accurate separation boundary between cancerous and healthy tissues is more complex than a linear or quadratic one.

This impression is confirmed by an analysis using SVMs. The SVMs method, developed initially by and omnet simulation in Oregon nicely introduced in gives another way to construct a boundary separating our data, according to the labels .

This boundary is given by a hyperplane by maximizing the minimal distance between each class and any separating hyper- plane. Furthermore, one of the great advantages of the omnet simulation in Oregon method is that it can easily be generalized to some highly nonlinear situations,

by means of some implicit change of variables given by kernels. For our data, we have resorted to a Gaussian omnet simulation in Oregon kernel given by that is one of the typical example of kernels used in nonlinear situations. Tuning the value we run the svm function on R on our set of data.

The cross-validation procedure gave then the following confusion matrix This result is, from our point of omnet simulation in Oregon view, a good compromise between sensitivity and specificity.

We can conclude that combining DR, and IF parameters gives superior results to AF alone, or DR alone.With omnet simulation in Oregon the combination of two modalities, we obtain a lower sensitivity than Koenig et al. and a higher specificity . Koenig.

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