Omnet++ described as an Object-oriented Modular Discrete event Network simulation Framework. Omnet++ stand for Objective Modular Network Test bed in C++, which is an open source simulator tool written in C++ language. It provides generic and flexible architecture which shines in various area such as hardware architecture, IT systems, even business process and networks. Initially Omnet++ designed for Network communication Omnet++ handles various domains they are:



  • Protocol model.

  • Queuing network model.

  • Hardware architecture validation.

  • Communications with wired and wireless Networks.

  • Complex software system evaluation.

  • Multiprocessor Model.


Omnet++ model composed of various models and they are communicated by transformation of messages. Modules are classified into two types are simple and component module. Simple module referred as active module which is written in C++language used for the simulation class. Group of simple module referred as compound modules. Entire model of Omnet++ referred as network. Parts of Omnet++ are:

  • Translation of message into C++ classes.

  • Description of module structure with gate and parameter by Network topology description.

  • Simple modules are derived from C++ files.

  • Message definition composed of various message types and data fields.

  • NED files are written by Text editor or graphical editor.


Omnet++ is a popular Network simulator for both wired and wireless networks. Omnet++ provides several communications for various simulations.

Characteristics of Omnet++ Project:

  • Unidirectional Links.

  • Energy Management.

  • Implementation of Random way Point Algorithm.

  • Variation Of signal strength.

  • Dynamic connection of modules within a range for wireless communication.

Omnet++ ensures various tools for user to describe system structure. Main features of Omnet++ are

  • Communication of message through channels.

  • Topology Description Language.

  • Instance Module Type.

  • Hierarchical Nested module.

  • Flexible module parameter.

Omnet++ ensure tool such as module output window, automatic, projector Inspector and animation, user can Omnet++ simulator on different operating system such as Linux, Windows and Unix. Omnet++ project provide various framework and simulation model. So, students are more passionate to do projects on Omnet++ with many features in an optimistic way for different applications.