Interest-based cooperative caching in multi-hop wireless networks
Mitigation of malware proliferation in P2P networks using Double-layer Dynamic Trust (DDT) management scheme
Space-based wireless sensor networks: Design issues
Autonomous mobile networks

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Cache-aware routing in Information-Centric Networks
Memory-assisted universal compression of network flows
Smart wireless networking done faster: Trends in wireless network development using software defined radio and cognitive radio techniques
Human-area networking technology based on near-field coupling transceiver
Dissemination of address bindings in multi-substrate overlay networks
A broadband optical local network based on multiple wavelength and multiple RF subcarriers
Autonomic network-layer multicast service towards consistent service quality
An SDN-Based Approach for Load Balance in Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks
Multimedia adaptation based on semantics from social network users interacting with media
Bandwidth allocation in wireless networks employing social distance aware utility functions
Radio Resource Management in OFDMA-Based Cellular Networks Enhanced with Fixed and Nomadic Relays
Development and experimentation of collaborative Red Force Tracking in service oriented architecture for tactical networking systems
Overlay Cloud Networking through Meta-Code

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The Evolution of Online Social Networks: A tutorial survey
Insider Attacker Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Multicast switch based on tandem expanded delta network
A Manageable Small World for Collaborative Enterprises Social Network
High speed networking evolution
An adaptive approach to weighted fair queue with QoS enhanced on IP network
Transparent, dynamically configurable RF network suitable for home automation applications

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